More fan art comes in

We got two more envelopes today sent to Eric's Boring Wall. One from stinkymum and one from caitlinsdad. Both even included a card. One was sweet and one is a little different. Check the photos below.

Picture of More fan art comes in
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gmjhowe9 years ago
Ha! i love that picture of him with the card. All great Entries.
I wonder if he talks to himself...
i think he does, and i bet he tried talking to the card as well
No, he talks with the card. My guess is that he makes the card respond.
It was a joke, caitlins dad had already made the joke about talking to the card, i was making a further joke based upon that, that he was talking to both himself and the card. Its a rather complex one, especially over the net.
I think W- is making a further joke based on your joke following my joke where with is italicised, thus emphasizing the nuance between talking to the card and talking with the card. The remainder of the comment is drenching with standard internet sarcasm to make a finely crafted and well balanced comment. So, points to W- for use of subtlety in American English. Play on.
haha, its like were all part a delicate dance, following one complicated joke with another, my comment its self, was a joke upon a joke, with references including referring to a joke of a joke etc, and the ending line 'pretending' to insult his intelligence by indicating the complexity of said jokes.

I feel were reaching a new level of internet communication, we better watch it, we might evolve into a higher state in the form of electric beings who live within the internet, or space, im not sure which.
*rudely buts into conversation*
sounds like a good life to me, 'cept when there a blackout or electrical storm...
i am the electrical storm
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