More in Digital Stalking....

Britain's ubiquitous CCTV video surveillance network has nothing on Japan's Orwellian nightmare in the making. One of the country's top electronics firms, NEC, has just announced a new plasma display fitted with a tiny camera that can accurately identify a person's age and sex in order to target them with specific advertisements....

Here is the LINK to the original site I came across.

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DJ Radio9 years ago
that is one level up from the level where kiteman is stalking me.....
He's not stalking, he's making sure you stay out of trouble.
putting it that way makes it sound better
Goodhart (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
See, he is your new found protector LOL
Big Bwana9 years ago
I wonder if it's like there CCTV age identifying cigarette vending machines, that will accept any old picture....
Your subconscious is tickling you. They have them, magazine photos fool them, in the news about three weeks ago. 4,000 smoke dispensers can be fooled by Al Gore's image. Ah, irony.

They're trying to fix it so they don't take photos. Which are flat, so logically they'll check for what's not flat. So logically Halloween masks will get popular year-round. :-)
I wonder did any of the kids think to try crinkling up their face a bit... You can make the wrinkles easily enough that way...
Maybe draw on your face with a marker... Face paints!!
I reckon crinkling would work better or biro pen... Better yet borrow a girls makeup for a second add some wrinkles..
ll.13 Big Bwana9 years ago
I'm wearing my V mask now. =)
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