More patches up for grabs!

For no particular reason, I have created a set of patches based on the web comics Questionable Content and XKCD.

Do you want one?

Then tell me why you deserve one...

Hiccup Update: I can't send patches until the image upload thingie is fixed (I only uploaded the picture of Pintsize when I wrote this).  Sorry.

Picture of More patches up for grabs!
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Because I'm awesome?
Because I have more ibles than you?
Because patches make me happy?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
And because you being happy makes me happy.
Patch xkcd binary heart.png
OOOOOOO nice patch! I love your art work! Do you have an ible on how to make your own patch? Is there a secret on how to send these type of patches to other members for fun? Other than through the patch program? I would love to advertise your lovely patches on my profile page! I see a deeper picture about these lovely patches than what you might see. I see the whole ible community sending out these lovely patches to honor our Kiteman's humor and generosity! If approved my page is always open 24/7 for receiving patches from Kiteman. Perhaps someday Kiteman might honor me with not just one but 2 lovely patches, A heart because he has suc h a big one and a cup because when people see my profile they will ask where did ya get that cup! That is when I send them that nospamlink and he just sold a cup to that happy viewer!
Aw! Thanks! ^_^
zascecs7 years ago
Why don't I deserve a patch?
wenpherd7 years ago
I deserve one because...... Bob Dylan is Awesome.
Goodhart7 years ago
I have totally disassociated myself from "questionable" science :-)
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Patch roomba invention.png
Is that Hannelores Roomba robot with a rocket on its back Wilmslow must be soooo jealous
Thats from comic 1557 where pintsize and wilmslow decide to make an extreme sport but the roomba just driving up the ramp wasn't enough in an earlier strip so they put a rocket on its back and when it came off the ramp it flew out the window smoashing it into around 30 pieces in the strip.
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