Mosquito Flamethrower

It's a DIY mosquito flamethrower for when you want to go nuclear on the little buggers.

What could go wrong?


Picture of Mosquito Flamethrower
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tranoxx5 years ago
damn, thats beautiful!
qwertyman107 years ago
If I were you, I would probably use silicone, WD-40 or some other kind of lubricant. They burn well.
propane and butane are the best readily available fuel sources. with lubricants and other aerosols you get these nasty, sticky biproducts.
i used aerosol white lithium grease before, and the resulting fireball (its a nice one) rises. i aimed it at the floor in my garage and it almost hit the ceiling. by far the most interesting aerosol flamethrower i've done, although a friend had a can of axe that burned green.
We have a product down here called "Start Ya Bastard" Which is an aerosol that contains ether (I have done no research on this whatsoever, and am working entirely from drunken memory. It may be a product from the UK) I think the company that produces it is Wynns . It is used to start engines that won't. This is what I will be using to throw flame. What could go wrong? Fire=-better. Bigger fire= betterer.
Nulon product.
caarntedd6 years ago
This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life!! Fire ALWAYS makes it better.
I wonder if there's an ible on it...
zascecs7 years ago
"Hi, Billy Mays here, with the new Mosquito Flamethrower..."
hes dead.... im sad ={
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