Mosquito sound that adults cant hear

I was at school the other day and I heard this annoying ringing sound. so I was looking around wondering what the hell it was when the teacher(who's probably 40 or 50)was like "what are you doing?" I said that I hear a ringing sound. then he said that I was crazy and there wasn't anything ringing. then the other classmates started listing and they all heard it also. I talked to that kid after class and was like where did you get that sound, and he replied its a ringtone. so when I got home I looked into it more and found out that people who are older supposevely cannot hear it so I played it for my mom and I was expecting her to hear nothing and then she was like "turn that annoying sound off right now". I was like did you hear it. everybody says she has super human hearing. here is the link to test it out.

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Eden Derek4 years ago
Already got hearing loss. Unable to hear the sound frequency higher than 18KHz.
thing 25 years ago
Is there a new link?
Wow, it really works!
popa272727 years ago
i've heard of this its that sound that dane cook says makes you want to punch babies
my friend texted me that sound. i got so annoyed there were adults around everywhere and i was surprised that they didnt hear it but some of the kids heard it
My brother has that on his phone. He played it nonstop during dinner. When I said Cut that out right now! my parents thought I was crazy.
Ah yes, aren't brothers fun :-) Older brother ? The new improved electronic method of kicking one's brother in the shins under the table.....the new way doesn't leave a mark, and the parents don't even hear it LOL
Azn Hitman (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
im lucky enough that i dont have to deal with that!
Azn Hitman (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
haha you should of just slapped him. ha jk
iBomber9 years ago
lol .. the teachers deaf.
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