Moss table provides a green furniture option

These tables by Ayodhyatra are made with a sweet collection of mosses under the glass top. It makes for a really nice piece and and I'm sure if I had a coffee table like this it wouldn't be buried under magazines and books the way my current one is.

No need to worry about maintaining the mosses, either. They're all dried.


Picture of Moss table provides a green furniture option
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ch33se2 years ago

How does the dried moss stay so vibrant? Absolutely beautiful!

I would ask the author of the instructable

It's not from an instructable, but there are links to the retailer (though, since it's a commercial product, I doubt they'll give away their secrets...).

oh whoops when he said the retailers name i thought it was an author

Meh, I had to check the link to realise - I haven't memorised the entire membership or anything.

Moem Kiteman2 years ago

... You haven't?!

My whole worldview lies shattered at my feet now!

Kiteman Moem2 years ago



Toga_Dan3 years ago

very cool.. i wonder what it'd take to make it a live terrarium...

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