Most Sophisticated/Complex Instructables

We recently compiled a list of the most sophisticated Instructables (based on the number of steps). Here's the top of the list--now you just have to read through every step.

Animatronic Lion: Weighing in at 117 steps, this is the longest Instructable.

Reduce Your Impact: 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impact.

Elvis Alive: This project is much more than just a hound dog, crying all the time.

Travel in Toledo: A winner from the recent Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest.

Butler Bot: A robotic butler to serve your every command, in 58 steps.

Wall-E Robot: For all of the Pixar fans out there.

50 Handy Tricks: 50 of TimAnderson's useful tips.

Nut Sheller: Remove the shell of any nut, especially helpful in developing countries relying on nuts for sustenance.

Ambience Enhancer: Give any area a touch of ambience.

Bicycle Power: Use pedals to power your home electronic devices.

More Handy Tricks More tricks from TimAnderson.

Chopper Bicycle: This bicycle will definitely turn heads.

Rainwater Collector: Reuse the water that falls from the sky.

More Handy Tricks: The handy tricks keep coming...

Even More Handy Tricks: And 40 more from TimAnderson.

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mikeasaurus8 years ago
While these instructables are complex it is important to remember that number of steps and sophistication are not mutually exclusive.
ReCreate8 years ago
Wow 100 Steps, that would be an extreme pain to an un-register user...
bumpus9 years ago
Perhaps a prequel to the book?
Keith-Kid9 years ago
Whoa, those look very phosisticated!