Motinon Sensor Airsoft Gun

Im trying to figure out how to connect a motion sensor to a electric airsoft uzi. I want it to be able to shoot out bb's when someone walks by. Ive looked at alot of different projects on the net but they dont have a step by step way to show how to make it. Im using a nine volt to power it all for now. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.

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wesie429 years ago
wire an ir led then viola!
edfel019 years ago
ya if u want to get some cheap try sensors use spy gear thing take it apart and rewire it to pull the trigger when someone walks by.
Keep the motion sensor, mabey put it on low sensativity.Then go to radio shack, and get a small DC motor.its like $2.75. On the end of the motor shaft put ecentrink roller ,or a peice of metal off center,like a when the motion sets off the power the off center metal will pull the trigger on and off. very fast.the motor I bought goes at 8300rpms
Darke (author)  insane in the membrain10 years ago
I bought a really cheap motion sensor from wal-mart, actually its a light that you put in you hallway that turns on when you walk by. It does not have a sensitivity switch all it has is a pir sensor, the dusk sensor and a led light. I have a motor that i pulled of my air soft gun but this is my first time dealing with motion sensors so when u say ecentric roller or piece of metal im not sure where to put it because there is no switch. The switch that i have came from inside the gun.
ongissim10 years ago
Since it's electric, all you need to do is wire a trip-line up to the trigger, since it is really an electronic switch. I would reccomend using an infra-red "trip-line" from American Science & Surplus. Just wire the alarm to the trigger switch.
Darke (author) 10 years ago
i have a micro switch that i bought from radio shack but im either missing a part that i need or im not wiring everything the correct way.
Your best bet might me to get a motion sensor from an old Halloween toy, or something. and then hooking it to a motor that will pull the trigger.
Darke (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
i already have the motion sensor but when i connect the leads from the motor of the airsoft gun to the leads of the motion sensor it powers everything at once. i Want the motion sensor to sense movement first then the motor should go off.
You're going to need a micro controller...I can't help you with that, but some other people here can.
Darke (author) 10 years ago
damn i miss spelled motion (i feel like a jackass) hahaha