Motion flightsim cockpits

Gidday,Has anyone mastered making a 2 or 3 axis motion platform? Either electric or hydraulic? or maybe air.All help would be appreciated.

Fred826649 years ago
Back in 03 I was in school for Electronics ITT Tech we had a PLC class the trainer box was the AB slick 50 it did not have the capacity need for my project for a flight sim. I did design one from scratch and documented it out and used a PLC sim software. the design I used was 4 motorized screw jacks salvaged from junked out cars and 4 DC motors out of the cars power windows of the 70's model Olds and Buicks would work better then the newer one that they use to day them motors was much more powerful then the ones today. mount the motivated jacks to the corners of a platform and now you have a a 4 axis platform that moves you like a cockpit . yes this was a bit long but I would like to see it up and working some day, I have yet to have thr spear money to spend on it when I do get the time to build it. I you do use it let me know how well it works out
Let me get this straight: you are asking how to build a platform that can tilt in at least 2 directions?