ok so i have a little problem here... i want to make a little electric motor go forward and backward by pressing a single button for each move (so 2 button in total) i got a little image ( poor quality i know but youl get the point) of what i did but its doesnt work :/ thx

Picture of Motor
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Goodhart9 years ago
I believe a DPDT switch might serve you here ?
note here as I can't seem to upload the pic.
koax (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
i'll use your idea or the DPDT switch which is the easier one... thx !
koax (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
yes i know that kind of switch but i really need something whit to button (push switch or even a controller button) is there another way to make work whit two button ? a bit like in the little image i've upload....
Goodhart koax9 years ago
There are DPDT latching pushbutton switches, but without a lamp or such indicator one is never sure if it is "on" or off. When you say 2 button do you mean 2 seperate buttons or a button switch that is push/on - push/off?
koax (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
2 separate button ( one to go left one to go right)
Go to a store where they have toys for toddlers. You can get a cheap remote control car. They have wired remotes(not real radio control) that you can scavenge and reuse for your project. They usually have a forward and reverse button as two buttons on the remote control unit. Better ones have left/right buttons also so you can wire that up for controlling the other axis.
Goodhart koax9 years ago
Hmm, then you want a set of buttons, and so they do not conflict, they should be mechanically connected (pushing one, unpushes the other) ? This can be easily achieved with the mechanical portion of a "push button setup" on top of a rocker switch. Would that suffice ?
germanudo9 years ago
Use on each minus wire a Diode. Watch out for the right direction. You want to block the Positiv running back to the neutral. Make sure you use only push buttons, so the switch doesn't stay close by accident.
koax (author)  germanudo9 years ago
even whit diode i have short ( and there are on the good side)......
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