Motorized/electric vertical blinds?

I have some vertical blinds in my living room that are manually driven via a cord to tilt the blinds and another cord to open or close the blinds. I wonder is there a conversion kit to open/close and tilt them electronically via a remote control?

I have found some kits from hundreds of dollars to thousands, but know I could find one or build one for way less.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Kiteman5 years ago
You could modify servos for continuous rotation, then control them via something knocked up from an Arduino?
Aliasmk Kiteman4 years ago
Just curious, why do you suggest servos? Why not ordinary motors?
Regular motors require more power and would require a motor shield for the Arduino to run them. You also loose accuracy with regular motors. When you cut the power from a servo it stops. When you cut the power from a motor it will spin a bit more before stopping.
Yes, what he said...
Aliasmk Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks :)
Ah, good to know. Thank you!
bcotter14 years ago
If you can't find a kit to do what you want you can always make something to do it. That's what I did here:

Look around. Others have also posted Instructables dealing with similar devices.
jveldman4 years ago
some one pleassee figure this out!