Mountain Wingsuit Flying Videos

Who wants to learn how to fly in a wingsuit with me? Shall we learn to paraglide first?

Man, Mountain, Wingsuit - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Another video I couldn't embed:

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I'm up for it! My dad went parachuting twice, and something he told me was really interesting. I never thought about it, but since your center of gravity is in the middle, when you fall standing up, you get that stomach going up sensation, but when you're parallel to the ground, it doesn't even feel like you're dropping.
You know what also sounds fun??? Bungee jumping off of something like the Brooklyn Bridge. Or the Space Needle. Just want to watch out for mid-air nooses.
The Space Needle would be fun. Or that one big arch in I don't remember where.
Sunbanks Sunbanks10 years ago
Yeah except for hitting the sides...
Goodhart Sunbanks10 years ago
Visions of Wile-E-Coyote LOL
What do you mean??
It was supposed to be other words, I agree.
OK, now I get it. It takes me a while to get other words, you confused me.
You'd jump off the narrow bit and bounce off the wall as it got wider as you went down. Actually, I saw a video of somebody jumping off the Space Needle on a wire - it unrolled off a drum on the roof as he fell, and the only thing stopping him hitting a very terminal velocity was a pair of flaps on the drum acting as air-brakes.
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