Mouse Mouse is Missing!

Mouse Mouse was last seen on tour with us at Austin's SXSW earlier this week. He made lots of friends at Dorkbot on Saturday, but someone walked off with him while we were setting up at Sunday's PopSci party!

Did he go on walkabout, join a punk band, or leave with a cute female Mouse Mouse? We hope so, but suspect he was simply abducted and can't contact us for help. If you have any information, please let us know!

No kidding, I only made one1 and would really like to have him back. Drop me a note if you've got any news on his whereabouts. We'll take him back, no questions asked.

1Yes, I can and will make another, but it's my art project, and therefore unique. (You may know how to make more children, but still want to keep the ones you've made.)

Picture of Mouse Mouse is Missing!
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Jayefuu7 years ago
I think he may have been eaten!

thinkahead9 years ago
The Golden Rule...
"do unto others as you would have done to yourself." Nice; did you draw that?
Don't tell Jessy. I can just see "Barbie Mouse."
Doctor What9 years ago
So, was he found yet?
MsheArt29 years ago
Oh yes so odd someone would be unethical enough to steal a taxidermy mouse. Good luck.
canida (author)  MsheArt29 years ago
I thought it was a extremely odd thing to pocket at an internet party!
Thanks for the good wishes.
Goodhart canida9 years ago
Sounds like someone imbibed a wee too much C2H5OH in order to pull off a stunt like this one. *sigh*
c2h5oh? is that caffeine? (speaking of which, i need another can of full throttle for Monday)
Alcohol ;-)
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