Moving orange bar

When viewing pages in "How to make Instructables," the lower orange bar will intermittantly move to cover the "previous to next" area of the page when changing to another page. You must then refresh the page to move it and be able to select another page of instructables. Very annoying.
Also the preview bar wouldn't work the first time I tried it.

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caarntedd7 years ago
I had this problem when using IE, and installing firefox solved this and a few other bugs as well. Before I decided to install firefox I put the dreaded orange bar back in it's place by using the zoom function. Push Ctrl and + keys at the same time, (only once) and if you want the page back to it's correct size press Ctrl and -. The bar should remain in the correct position. Alternatively click on the page tab at the top right and use the zoom function there.
Thanks, worked great.
I've been having this same problem, and a few others as well. Tried the suggestion by caarntedd below and worked like a charm. THANKS!
Kiteman7 years ago
What operating system / browser are you using?
nightmissle (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Internet Explorer, the first version with tabs, not sure which version that is. That browser is on another computer which I cannot update.
On the one I'm on now I have IE 6, which does much the same thing. However I mainly use Firefox at version 3.6.12, and it seems to work ok.
I have heard that it is possible to run a version of FF from a pendrive, without having to update or install onto the host PC.

nightmissle (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Thanks, I believe that is possible.
I have the same problem. The orange bar sits right on top of the "Prev, , , , Next" tabs. Refreshing the page makes it all right. I'm using IE7.
Try the zoom function. See my comment above.