Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Problems

I have Firefox, and I love the bookmarks toolbar, but I did something, and all of the icons disappeared. If I hit bookmarks at the top of the browser, then bookmarks toolbar folder, they still show up as being there. The bar is there, but there is no icons in/on it. I'm sure that it is the right toolbar, too. Does anyone have any ideas?

Picture of Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Problems
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keithnl7 years ago
Just had the exact same problem, searched google, got here, this is how I fixed for the next person who searches this Right Click on the your now Blank Bookmark Toolbar, Choose Customize Click on Restore Default. Worked for me thank g-d
John Smith (author)  keithnl7 years ago
Thanks, that would have worked for me, probably. I fixed it on my own, somehow.
ll.137 years ago
Have you resized the firefox window recently? and do you have a little icon like shown:? If you do, click on it, which will show the bookmarks, then drag a bookmark onto the icon, it should revert to normal. ;) Hope that helps, if not, I'm not too sure what's up.
John Smith (author)  ll.137 years ago
Well, I fixed it, I don't know how, though.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. I'd try disabling the toolbar, restarting FF, then turning the toolbar on again. If that doesn't work - uninstall/re-install FF.
John Smith (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
How do I disable it?
John Smith (author)  John Smith7 years ago
Ok, fixed it, don't know how. I right clicked the toolbars, clicked customize, and messed around there.
Goodhart7 years ago
I was just fooling around trying to replicate your problem and I was unable to. If I knew what you did, it would be easier, but then, you would probably know how to reverse it if you knew that.