Mp3 player in a nes controller

O.K i have seen this floating around on the web a while back and i was wonder if anyone knows how to take the contact buttons on a mp3 player and solder them to a nes pads contacts. I'm confused on like where to solder and how it works because i would like to do something like it. For example like when you hit the A button it would like change the song or control the volume on the player.

fretmelter (author) 10 years ago
ok i tried the link and it just keeps bringing mt back to the page witht the link (nothing happends) and i am looking at a site tht might have more info i will let u in on anything i hear
El Flavio10 years ago
Look at the pin out pic on this link (4th pic):

I have been thinking of attempting to make one, and I supose you would have a wire running from the pin outs to the "outs" on the mp3 player. I dont know how you would go about doing the soldering on the mp3 player, but I hope I have helped :c).