Mp5 challenge!

Hi everyone, lately the guns being produced are great, have you guys seen the g36c, m4 and a hold load of the new snipers? there is just one thing i think we need, a mp5, with great looks,great fire, bottem load mag and true trigger. this would be greatly apreciated by many!

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M4master8 years ago
I'm actuly uploading one now
Trauts9 years ago
MI69 years ago
I am on it. A great gun for the SAS, the best soldiers in the world. It's ood to convert into knex as well. Everything scales easily. Sights easy to copy to.
Flie-Ing GOOse (author)  MI69 years ago
yeh, how long wil it be?
Hopefully about the same size as the real one or soemthing i dont know.
ya there's allredy 2 mp5 instructables
dsman1952769 years ago
i just finished the curved mag attached it to the barrel. the barrel is going to be a rail like mepains inferno. the mag is attached to the gun, so it can not be used as a removable mag(someone else can figure that out). the mag also does not use any bendys for hinges(but it uses 10 black hands) i wanted to get the caliber of the gun right so it will shoot grey connectors.
I can handle the detacheable part. I found out a good way to make it as if you notice the magazine goes in at a slant. I'll probably replicate the one from my MP5k that I never posted. I'd still think that the better caliber for this weapon is green rods though. Dark grey magazines would look to big on this gun.
may i see a pic?
knexguy9 years ago
I'm halfway through an Mp-7. Will that count?
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