Mr. Bacon modification

Some people may know about a toy called Mr. Bacon. It is a toy race pig. One of the best things you can do with it is modify it. Post your modified Mr. Bacon pig pix here. You can buy it from www.wackyplanet.com/mrbacon.html

Picture of Mr. Bacon modification
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Kiteman8 years ago
What have you done to yours? Or are you affiliated somehow with the website?
samsq1 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Well, I have made it not oink and I am working on making it not turn. No, I am not affiliated with the website in any way. I am just a kid looking for modification tips. (Blake Middle School Is the best School)
How did you stop it from oinking? Does it keep walking when it's not oinking? I hooked a 9V battery and he's much faster!
how do you make it stop oinking????
I got one of these for a stupid magazine sale. I skinned it and added rubber to the plastic feet. Then I hooked it up to 2 9 volts and it sped up.
How do you hook it up to the 9v? 
I am going to build basically a flat catapult slingshot combo and it  is going to launch my little pig friend all the way across our gym.
how u gonna do that please tell so i can win at my school
I need serious help i dont know how to get it to stop oinking please help me!

P.S ho wdo you change it to a 9 volt battery?