Multi- 9v or 12v outlet setup?

Does anyone know how to make or where to find a single wallwort (120v outlet) that has multiple 9v or 12 v out plugs? I've got alot of little electronics (mainly things that light up/ glow) and I hate all the blocks and power strips that I've got to use. (I'm in the US btw.) Thanks for any help! The Atomic Soul

guyfrom7up9 years ago
just mod one to power all of them, make sure you don't use more amps than it can handle, though
TheAtomicSoul (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
To be sure I understand: even though the device is only intended to power one item at 9v, it can distribute 9 volts to several devices at the same time? Thanks for your help, I'm not well knowledge in hardware and wiring.
Yup. Just be sure to connect them in parallel, not in series (i.e., all the positive wires together and all the negative wires together). Also, make sure to use a large transformer...with multiple devices, you're more likely to exceed a small adapter's rated amperage.
attach ones output to the input of a power bar or something. but make sure not to exceed the output amps rating.