So, i tri booted my computer with Xp, Vista, and Windows 7, with Vista installed first. Anyone else do this? Please comment with your accomplishments.

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ReCreate8 years ago
I just Reinstalled My OS, So Now that i have a chance, I will Tri-Boot XP/7/MicrpXP ;) I don't need linux on my HDD, I boot that off of my USB thumb drive :D
Padlock8 years ago
I got Snow Lepoard, Vista, and Windows 7. I could put XP on too, but I don't see the point...
Snow Leopard? You are Dual booting on a Mac?
Hell yah. I loathe the Macintosh operating system.
Also, I reccomend you put XP instead of Windows Vista, For Ultimate Compatibility (with programs that don't work in vista/7) ;)
Everything I have works perfectly fine in Vista.
Try running Gamemaker6.1, Or any of it's games...for starters...that is why i always dual boot XP ;)
tanmanknex (author)  Padlock8 years ago
How'd you get snow leopard?
I ordered it. From Apple. Like everyone else. It came out like a week and a half ago.
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