Multi Touchless Wall

How to make an interactive display

I hope it's pretty clear, if you any doubt, feel free to ask .
You can also check my site :
and visit the multi touch community : nuigroupnuigroup

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Peek7 years ago
Where do you set the camera and the projector? I must do this for an art project! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!
hsc8080807 years ago
have a try !
PKM9 years ago
Wow... I was thinking "OK, he's made a big screen, he's drawn a calibration grid, now.. oh that's clever, using lighter sparks to make light flashes, but there's a huge paper screen hanging in his room, wait... he's taking it down, of course THE CAMERA WORKS WITHOUT THE PAPER SCREEN HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT OH EMM GEE" Is there an easy way to control clicks with touchlib? Like, if the camera only sees one point of light it is moving the mouse, but if it sees two then it makes a click at the location of the first? If there is a solution that simple, I am going straight to Argos, getting a webcam and building one of these. I have a great idea for a light pen as well...
jimihertz (author)  PKM9 years ago
hi PKM , touchlib is multipoint ... Have a look at the NUIgroup/forum, you will find a multimouse driver . Enjoy !
PKM jimihertz9 years ago
Left-click: place first finger as cursor and tap second finger to the left of it

This is what I was looking for. As soon as I am done re-installing Windows I will have to get a webcam and play with this. Do you know off the top of your head whether it works with x64 or Linux?
That is so cool See if i can make a projector by myself Rating 5/5
if i could rate :'(
Yay i can rate (guess my computer didn't like me that night)
puffyfluff9 years ago
That is really cool. I am going to HAVE to try this.
liammk9 years ago
tryed but dident work
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