Multiple LED wiring - help!

I am not to familiar with wiring and leds and recently have taken an intrest. My desires however are hindered by my lack of wiring knowledge. For a project I am working on i wish to have either 12 or 24 leds. I have read that a series/parallel matrix might be my best bet but I dont know how to go about setting it up. I dont know what leds to choose or what resistors are needed. I also want them to constanly change color but dont know how to do that either. This all needs to plug into a wall socket. If anyone can be of help I would greatly appreciate it!

zascecs7 years ago
Sounds like you want to make christmas lights...?
for colour changing leds there is a lot more to be done you can check out numerous other instructables on the same
for just wiring the leds in series and parallel this is a great site

go in to check out

go and look for a cheap or a spare wall adapter charger and see its output voltage and current then enter the values in that calculator i gave and vola you get a wonderful grid