Multiple audio input to 1 stereo output

Sounds confusing but I need to connect 7 audio players (stereo) together and have 1 stereo ouput. Without volume sliders. Each player audio need to be mixed and be heard at the only output. I was thinking on connecting all left channel together and right channel as well then connect each one to audio jacks (red/white). Can someone help? 

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kingsqueak6 years ago I would recommend this link.

You want a bit of isolation from each input, this article covers the issues well.

Having looked into creating my own mixer, using decent pots and parts, the cost adds up very quickly. I actually settled on using a Roland portable ten channel mixer vs making one due to cost and time constraints.
luisnperez (author)  kingsqueak6 years ago
Two questions:
1- Which Op-amp do you use?
2- all grounds are connected to where? chassis?
kingsqueak6 years ago
I don't have a good op-amp part recommendation.

For the ground I would use a common ground bus..could just be wire or a trace on a circuit board.
luisnperez (author)  kingsqueak6 years ago
Thanks kingsqueak:
I really have a problem understanding how to connect all the grounds on the schematic. The OP-AMP needs to be powered (5v) so I connect the ground of 5V to all the GND? including the input audio connector ground?
caitlinsdad6 years ago
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