Munny is on sale 2 for 1

The Munny is a fantastic toy for those who like to customize stuff. The 7-inch tall vinyl toy can be painted, reshaped, and modded in many other ways. I'm personally a big fan and turned a couple into a pair of speakers a while back.

The dolls have now been on sale for five years and to celebrate Kidrobot is selling them two for the price of one for the month of June. They're also having some contest, but more importantly this is a great time to stock up on a couple of Munnys if you've ever been interested in them.

Picture of Munny is on sale 2 for 1
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Demon5magic7 years ago
Thanks for this man! I had never heard of these before, and they look totally awesome. I picked up a couple to play with. I can't wait!
scoochmaroo7 years ago
You should put your speakers in the contest!
I agree. The speakers are a shoe in for at least one of the bajillions of prizes! ...actually if you aren't really using those I'd be happy to get them out of your way.
Awesome! :D Does the offer count for Europe to?
fungus amungus (author)  MichelMoermans7 years ago
Looks like it. Check out this map
I was wondering because there is a .eu site but it doesn't list the original munny you have as a picture... And that's the one I want :(