Mushroom Lamps!

Fungi are kind of fascinating in general and everyone should be able to appreciate a good lamp. This combination offers both in one awesome place! The home site for the artist is in Japanese but we found it via a blog post on Tokyobling's Blog

"Someone" should do an Instructable! 

Picture of Mushroom Lamps!
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Mushrooms are pretty easy to make with polymer clay. You can color the translucent clay with powdered pigment.
I've looked at this too many times, such a cool project. Moving it to my short list of things to make.
Doddity7 years ago
Does anyone know a good way to stain hot glue?? I have my instructable half done and i have little mushrooms lying around but my LED's are weak and I need new ones as well as heat shrink.
jimbo13 Doddity5 years ago
Try a blue sharpie pen.
Culturespy (author)  Doddity7 years ago
Probably have better luck with spray paint or air brushing. Can't think of a stain that would work. Maybe dry brushing would work.
Was considering it but then the leds won't shine through. Was really hoping to have it done by now but my LED's refused to evolve into much brighter water clear blue leds. bought some of ebay should restart project soon
Do you have anything else to do than type in caps? Perhaps write an instructable "how to write annoying pointless comments in CAPS LOCK"
Deal. But seriously, seeing how you now own some of ebay, you should spread the love to instructables!
=) Sorry
I'll post when i actually get them, Ebay items are so slow for us.
Have fun
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