Music-Inspired Toilets

The newest meaning of guitar or piano solo. Jammin' Johns--slogan: 'music to your rear'--is a company with a toilet design for the musically inclined.

From their web site: After several years of research & development, Jammin' Johns presents our finest quality 'Studio Series'. The products are produced by a guitar factory that manufactures some of the most popular brands of guitars. The 'Studio Series' features our own newly designed ring with chrome hardware for low maintenance. All finishes are of the highest quality and are hand buffed.

Even more impressively, the company boasts a famous list of clientele: WIllie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Steven Spielberg have all purchased a Jammin' John. Thankfully, Spielberg decided against a very painful Jaws-themed toilet.

Jammin' Johns via Neatorama

Picture of Music-Inspired Toilets
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Glockenator8 years ago
i would use a violin. personally i think they belong there
12 gauge9 years ago
what's next?!? violin plungers???
No, it'll play music when you flush.

thats stupid, i could listen to my ipod then that.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Hehe, rock out with your c*ck out! LOL
Gjdj39 years ago
Creepy! There are some instruments that might not work as well as others... the flute for example.
jstark101 Gjdj39 years ago
This one time at band camp...
Gjdj3 jstark1019 years ago
Yeah, that's where Evil Bike didn't want to go. Lol.
Evil Bike Gjdj39 years ago
you might not want to go
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