Music Theory 101

Hello, i got an idea of making a series of detailed, yet easy to understand instructables on music theory. i mean music theory, and i mean things you would learn in college level class. i preety much dedicated most of my life to music theory, piano, cello, and listening, as well as analyzing written music. i have also had great teachers that thought me a lot of things about music and life, and i would only feel like the greatest asshole alive if i didnt share them. one thing that is special to music theory, and only to music theory, is that it is a field of study that originated from art, not vice versa. those instructibles would cover preety much everything involved with music, including the mathematics and physics that go with it! history will be included too! the reason why i'm posting it here, is to see how many people are interested, who would want to help out, and to look for reccomendations and requests. my resume: 5 years piano 4 years cello 9 years music theory perfect pitch played in 4 different orchestras considering starting doing a chamber music program, orchestras are getting boring now :D im part of the Tri-M music honor society and i volunteer sometimes. PLEASE REPLY WITH WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS PROJECT :D music theory

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hey guys download all music ebook related to music theory from here
gmoon8 years ago
Yes, I'd enjoy reading it. Might I suggest two instructables? One introductory (scales, chords rhythm), one more advanced (harmony, counterpoint, chord substitution, etc.)
macplo (author)  gmoon8 years ago
yeah, i will go over triads, tetrachords, species counterpoint, and harmony. i will also analyze pachelbels canon as for species counterpoint, it includes all of the 5 types. ok, im going to add you as collabs. can you look for mistakes in theory, and if you want, spelling? thanks.
gmoon macplo8 years ago
Sure. If I can help, I'll be glad to. Using Pachelbel's Canon is a great idea; it starts out so simply, and builds from there...
wingman2468 years ago
i would totally like to see what ya got. cause music stuff is starting to make sense to me suddenly, just as long as you don't blow my mind with a ton of info.
macplo (author) 8 years ago
hey everybody, sorry for the delay, but school is getting intensive again, and i dont have much time on my hands. im still writing it, but dont expect it to be released very soon.
. If you want some help, you have at least two options: 1) Make other ppl collaborators. They will be able to edit the iBle just as you are. 2) Give the URL to others so they can proofread. An unpublished iBle is viewable if you have the URL, there just aren't any links to it on the site (other than on your "You" page).
macplo (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
anyw volunteers to correct it? add to it? make it good?
macplo (author)  macplo8 years ago

id thought i publish it early so you can start reading, but will get back to is as soon as possible.
Gjdj38 years ago
Sounds awesome. I think you're totally qualified to do it. I'll be looking forward to it!
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