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Some years ago I shared my PC with a friend. As most of the music dumped on there was his I let him categorise it, but some of the categorisation is a bit odd, making it difficult to find things....

The first one prompted the topic, what do you think:

Bedouin Soundclash - "Reggae - Pop", whereas Eddy Grant is in "Reggae"
Finley Quay, Deelite & Moloko are in "Pop" (there is a "Dance" category)
Only Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Hendix and Slayer are in "Heavy Metal", but Biohazard, Pantera, Sepultura, White Zombie & System of a Down, SOD (amongst others) are in just "Metal" as are Sheep on Drugs, Sisters of Mercy and Nickleback.
"Rock" contains Gogol Bordello (he didn't think of adding "Gypsy-Punk") and Dread Zeppelin.
The Beastie Boys go in "Rock - Electric", as does Massive Attack, The Prodigy and The Streets
"Rock - Pop" contains Bjork, Nick Cave & The Cure (amongst others)


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lemonie (author) 7 years ago
That was pretty much the point here. My friend did the categorisation and it's not working for me!

Thanks for the comment.

mikeasaurus8 years ago
for me, music categorization died when 'alternative' music was defined. Since then perception of genres of music have broadened, blended together and become an insuperable mass. This is not bad.

All my tunes are under ..\music. However, I have a few folders with some select tracks/artists which I update regularly. These folders evolve. I keep the folder naming pretty loose: chill, electronic, classic rock. Of course there's going to be artists that can be in both, the point is that they are only in that folder temporarily. Music that is not wanted is either moved back out to the pool of artists or deleted if it's a copy/unwanted. Bear in mind that with digital media being what it is there's minimal threat of ever 'loosing' a track (unless it's an original recording).
Toxicity8 years ago
I like categorizing all the songs from a band the same. I used to go in depth with allof the different metal categories, but I gave up on that ;)

PS - YES! white Zombie and System of a Down are my two absolute favorite bands! (plus NIN)
lemonie (author)  Toxicity8 years ago
You want to be able to find thing really don't you?

NachoMahma8 years ago
.  I try to keep my categories/genres to a minimum. "Rock" covers Led Zeppelin, to Marillion, to Axel Rudi Pell, to Chris Rea. I did add "Rock, Progressive" for ELP, Yes, &c.
.  "Alternative" is "Punk" that I can stand listen to. ;)
.  "Country" is anything with a steel guitar or a cowboy hat on the cover.
.  "Pop" is stuff that is too "sweet" to be called Rock.
.  "Jazz" is reserved for songs I like but don't understand.
No "Techno"? Nacho, I'm sad...
Filed under Trash, gives me a headache...
>weeps bitter tears<
Whatever. They're alone in that. They don't realize the music they like steals from Electronica and puts whiny boys over it. :-P
:D Precisely!
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