Music covers

An example of a reasonably good song being reproduced:
Prince Buster- One Step Beyond- Ska- Blue Beat 45rpm
Probably better known by Madness - One Step Beyond

But covered again by some Italians(?) Videoclip del 1999 della cover di One Setp beyond dei Madness

Any other favorite covers?
E.g. Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die. Original - Live and Let Die Bond sequence

Any that should never have been done?
E.g. Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter. Original uncle munkle funkle

Inspiration from,,

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Matt214978 years ago
DJ Radio will love me for posting something to do with rap. Well the song lollipop by Lil Wayne is okay. But a rock band Framing Hanley redid it. So much better. Tell me wich you like better.
lemonie (author)  Matt214978 years ago
I don't much like either, but I guess I'd slightly prefer Lil Wayne. L
OH I dont like either much either but I mean it is still slightly better to me I dont go around listening to it but yah.
Goodhart8 years ago
I guess you all know my Fav.

My second favorite is probably evident here is Sage and a lot of their covers including, Pictures From an Exhibition, from which Sage is taken.

Oh sorry, I didn't read that right, you didn't mean album covers, but rather reproduced covers.....sorry.
lemonie (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Well, 12" artwork is another good topic - you could start that? L
MADNESS!! They are so good, I really like baggy trousers, and driving in my car by them, but anyways, , umm good covers are: A Message to you Rudy by the specials originally by dandy livingstone. Monkey Man by the specials originally by toots and the maytals. well, to shorten it up, pretty much any cover the specials did cuz they did a few. I always thought 54-46 thats my number was a sublime song but I recently found out its not. Pretty cool stuff right there, yea so I like the og version better. The Misfits' Ratfink version of that comedian guy allan sherman's parody of ragmop. yea, i guess ill stop now even though i could go on . . .
I liked their cover of Maggie's Farm and how they managed to re-work the message of it.
lemonie (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Who's version? L
Sorry I forgot, The Specials' version.
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