Music to Sheet Music Converter

I play the violin and some of the music that I want to play is not available in sheet music. Has anyone ever come across a computer program that converts regular music into readable sheet music?

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. A violin tablature editor or guitar tablature editor may be helpful. I don't remember any that accept WAV input, but several will take MIDI.
Rishnai9 years ago
I would say it would be a heck of a lot quicker to try and do it by ear. If you're like me and have a horrible ear, though, it would probably save a lot of time (since the track you want is just one note at a time on one instrument) to use a chromatic digital tuner--the kind that tells you what note it hears. These get really confused if you try and use them for the notes in, say, a guitar solo, because of all the other instruments, but do great for single-instrument recordings.
PoisonedV9 years ago
twelvekeyse music transcriber
gmoon9 years ago
How do you define "regular music?"

There are certainly programs that convert MIDI files to sheet music ( Lilypond. )

If you mean audio -> sheet music, that's much more complicated...There are some wav-to-MIDI converters. Most will do at best a fair job if it's a single-noted instrument, and a poor one if it's chorded or multiple instruments on the track...
Sedgewick17 (author)  gmoon9 years ago
I want to convert the sound of a single violin playing into sheet music, and it does not need to be perfect just close enough the where I can read every third note.
There are some commercial products, for sure--I know Cakewalk's Sonar has a module for it.

From a freeware POV, on the 'MIDI sofware' page of the Linux Sound pages, there are a few: FANR, wave2mid and WAON (which looks like the only one currently in development.)

I believe I've tried them all at one time or another (although at least one wouldn't compile for me; I forget which one.) They work in an imperfect fashion at best... All output needed editing in a MIDI sequencer.

Here's one for Windows I've never tried: AmazingMidi. You'll find others if you search for 'wav to midi'.
jtobako9 years ago
I've seen some that converts midi files into sheet music, but nothing that converts sound.
Well, that would make a few extra steps in the process but brings into reach, since there are ways to convert analog to digital and then to Midi or whatever.
PoisonedV9 years ago
Ear transcription. It's nearly impossible to convert real music to sheet music. The tones can vary widely, by being slightly out of tune, ambient scratching, etc.
Sedgewick17 (author)  PoisonedV9 years ago
I just want it to come close. Then I can adjust the sound by ear.