Musical Tesla Coils

Two tesla coils are being used to play the mario theme song. This is the first time i have ever tried embedding something, so im hoping this works.

if there is no video there, here is the link:

many thanks to goodhart for telling me how to get the video in here.

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Kiteman10 years ago
Good grief. That is amazing. (rips up Christmas list, starts new, very one one)
maker12 Kiteman9 years ago
must stop tazsing self LOL
maker12 Kiteman10 years ago
puffyfluff9 years ago
Technically, it is very simple. Just hook up some speakers to whatever is playing it, and then tap into the line of one. Run it through an IC to change the voltage depending on pitch, and put it on some HV transistors. The transistors hook up to the line going into the tesla coil. There you have it. It's the same principal as sound activated plasma globes. I have done it to one of my small coils before.
iq_abyss9 years ago
I wonder, would it be possible to put speech through this system? I'm guessing it could be done--it's all just sound after all.
its a lion (author)  iq_abyss9 years ago
Could be interesting. I don't see why you couldn't talk through them... Might be hard to make out what you are saying though.
Maybe if you TALK ... LIKE ... THIS ...?
iq_abyss9 years ago
OMG--I need to build this and then throw a rave--could you imagine hours of tecno being run through these?
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
wow.....*drools on keyboard*.... how do you make it! someone post an instructable.
i'm starting my tesla coil project this winter vacation. i might post an instructabel, but im not sure how to play music on a tesla coil.
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