My Aspie Assesment 

A copy of my assessment might help people understand more about Asperger's Syndrome and how adults are assessed.

Only two doctors in New Zealand are able to assess adults for Asperger's Syndrome. This is because adults have learned coping skills and adapted to the rest of the world. For adults there is no standardized test available. The doctor just sits down and lets the conversation go wherever and whichever way it wants to.

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I was assessed much in the same way, except, I had MMPI, IQ, and other tests in my file from when I was 22. I was also asked to repeat the MMPI, IQ, and rorshak, again before I was given the final diagnosis.
 except, I had MMPI, IQ, and other tests in my file from when I was 22.

I did those at age 25 (last July I was 53) and in my documentation to Dr Taylor before seeing him, I mentioned them and the tests.

While the psychologist in 1981 set up each item of the IQ test in front of me, I told him why each test could not be consistent, he pointed out that that I was holding up for him, on his side, showed him how to lay out these so it would be consistent.

I totally failed the social tests and just one of the others, Against the clock I had to decode a message, the trick was, moving my eyes from the message upwards to the cypher and finding the item I needed, I failed that because of my eyes not being coordinated, in fact, I am clumsy, 

I remember one question,

Define "matchless" in one word. It took me a instant to reply. You try it.
Define "matchless" in one word. It took me a instant to reply. You try it.
What did you reply with? Do you remember?
IQ test remember

Its not about you. One similar word 
Since the IQ test I was given both times were strictly based on patterns in numbers I would have to say. "zero" Beyond that I would have to know more about the scope of the test.
 I will own up


I was scored on efficiency in answers

how long did all you tests last?
was that word association? The mmpi is 3 hours. Then IQ and rorshak another 3 hours. there was two more written but honestly I don't know what they call them, but they were social not IQ. for another hour and I have spent about 6 hours in the chair with the psych plus they used my previous testing from when I was younger. I am guessing that was a week of my life when you add it all up. Of course that dosen't count the fact that the ones from when I was younger were done while I was inpatient at pajamaland.
is there such a thing as OUTpatient at pajamaland meaning you come and go in uniform PJ

After each test, the guy and me discussed the test, he said I was getting thru twice as fast as others and I still got better results, so one major result was, I was told I only had a communication issue (1981) in 1991 another psychologist in a difference hospital district sent me to a speech therapist, who reported nothing wrong.

about 3 years ago I had a run in with Telecom NZ, a high up manager, who WAS a mate, he had been misinformed be a lady claiming to represent my psycrttirst, he had taken me off Lithium, she dedicicded ...

not well just now, will redo this in MS word.

that test was 25 questions, each question was timed up the point I began answering, and was about my choice of, and number of words in answering.

the final score was by count, number of words used assessed as per level in vocabulary, 3 or 5 or 10, 15, 25 etc age level, and the tester had to add in his personal opinion which was between 0 and 10% . I got 100% plus.

Taking my history, he said outside his office he would have given me 25% minus, minus and plus refers to uncertainty factor
That is not a test I was given. The mmpi takes three hours just because it's so many questions. Minnesota, Multiphasic(sp?),Personality,Inventory
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