My Big Fat DIY Wedding (by scoochmaroo)

It's official - I'm gettin' hitched! 

And in true Instructables' style, I'll be relying on the culmination of all my talents as much as those of my friends to get the job done.  Everything I can do, I will.  I don't know what all this means yet, but I'll definitely be looking to you, community, to help inspire and inform in preparation for the big day!

I plan to barter, beg or borrow every element possible to create my dream wedding.  My goal is that everything be hand crafted by ourselves or someone we know, from the invites, to the outfits, to the flowers and food, cake, music, and everything in between.  (I'll probably leave the rings to the experts.) 

And of course, you'll be seeing the efforts and results right here on Instructables!

So send me your suggestions and any tips, projects or other sites that inspire, and stay tuned for all the details.

First up: a contest to design the best invites??? Wait and see!

<3 <3 <3

- Sarah

that's my ring!!!!

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Who's the lucky guy?

..Or gal?
You said "Who's the lucky guy?     ...or gal?"
That seriously is a creepy thing to say.
Bearch7 years ago
I'm new to the site and just say this post and though it was an absolutely fantastic idea, as well is a great way to start a marriage.

scoochmaroo (author)  Bearch7 years ago
Oh my goodness, thank you!
We got so many great projects in the DIY Wedding contest that just closed. I'm excited to see how the judging turns out!
And welcome :D
Dark_Aura7 years ago
Im getting married in may next year wich is winter in south Africa. but i have some lovely ideas if you are still brainstorming. :) for the table decor skeleton leaves in different colors are stunning. for the centre piece make a paper lanterns with multi colored led lights. for wedding favours make choclate thank you cards. there are so many wonderful choclate moulds avaliable and the best part is with white chocolate you can make it any colour to match your theme. ere are some hints i read up on :) have a second bouquet so when you throw it you can still keep the original one for your scrap book. vases with food colouring water is anothe nice centre piece or if you buy the gel balls and put them in vases. :) My attitude i know probely isnt the best but i believe that you are paying for guest to attend your wedding so although you want to have a fantastic day dont break your bank balance and dont give youreslf to much additional stress :p good luck!!!
canida7 years ago
Hooray, congratulations!
*throws confetti*

We're totally up for helping out.  Can Robot be the ringbearer?
scoochmaroo (author)  canida7 years ago
that would be awesome.  and my cat will be flowergirl!
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