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So I was hanging out with some buddies of mine in my spartan costume...betcha can't guess which one is me. My costume consists of: Helmet - Cardboard shape, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Bicycle helmey pads inside. Shield - Cut plywood, with a cardboard lambda, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Polyester straps are riveted/gorilla glued on the back. Cape - Scarlet cotton fabric with polyester straps to keep it from choking me. Beard/abs - Mom's eyebrow pencil...If you have experience with spirit gum, use that and fake hair, unfortunately, it didn't cooperate with me. Pantalones - If you're feeling frisky, wear a speedo, if not, brown shorts are acceptable

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Honus10 years ago
Awesome- glad to see you were able to get it done!

You might be interested in seeing how this 300 costume was made:
canida10 years ago
For future use, I've seen a couple of those Mr. Incredible costumes with the poofy chest/fake 6-pack abs- just nab one of those cheap after Halloween, and spraypaint to roughly your skin color. Unless you've already got 6-pack abs, of course. ;D
Weissensteinburg (author)  canida10 years ago
8 pack ; )
I pack all mine into a single pack :-)
I wear shirts
I do too, but since I don't wear a maternity blouse, my one-pack tends to show anyways LOL
i didnt realize that was you... you changed your avatar again. forget the 6 pack, you carry the keg right? i used to have a really large pack, now im really skinny. i suppose thats what happens when you go without eating.
I have yet to be able to go without eating (sorry about the avatar change....I am feeling moody LOL). It isn't so much a keg, as it is a food chest (Coleman I think :-) .
ah. lol. yeah the whole not eating is kind of tough... i went to the doctor multiple times to see why i had no appetite whatsoever, and they never did figure out what it was. i just had no appetite apparently. im going to have to find it soon though, my belt is too big for me.
*sigh* Actually I didn't even know I had any apatite LOL

I meant appetite of course.
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