My Custom Converse Shoes

My purple and black with white contrast-stitching custom Converse shoes showed up yesterday. Check them out as I try out my new treadmill desk (Instructable forthcoming...). Converse is an advertiser on Instructables, but I thought the custom shoes were cool enough (and actually the creative on their ads, too) that I bought a pair irrespective of any business relationship.

Picture of My Custom Converse Shoes
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V-Man7378 years ago
Oh Eric. Be sure to personally notify me when your treadmill desk Instructable is up. I need it.
hehe me too alot why do you think i like golf?lol
You could just subscribe to him....
But that's too obvious!
Doesn't it sound cooler to try to get Eric to take a chunk out of his busy schedule to type up an e-mail to me?!
hitting "subscribe"...
Same here :)
I think I could use a stationary bicycle desk more (minus the flailing arm mechanism) at a desk. With a generator to power say, the monitor (I wouldn't want the computer to just die on my if I had to quickly stop peddling ;-) as turning off the monitor wouldn't hurt anything.
Can you imagine trying to type while your knees are bumping your elbows like that?? It's why I don't bike and type at the same time (not the same as people who can't walk and chew gum simultaneously).
They shouldn't bump your elbows anymore then during normal use without a desk, unless you designed it to do that ;-)
DJ Radio8 years ago
I am more of a Nike or Etnies person; etnies are redicluously comfortable, and Nikes last for a long time. The first Nikes I purchased lasted 2 years, and they are in excellent condition, just minor and barely noticable wear on the tread.
My converse lasted 4 years of daily abuse. And I mean it when I use the words "daily" and "abuse".
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