My Didgeridoo

As some of you may know, my first attempt at getting a didgeridoo failed...but not my second! Here are some pictures of my brand new didge...just got it in the mail yesterday!

It's an Indonesian imitation...$33 + shipping off amazon, but I figure it's great for my first one. Supposedly made out of bamboo...but i'm not so sure, especially because there are no nodes, and there's a bell at the bottom. It makes a great sound, and I love the (hand)painting, even if it's not done by an aborigine. I'm using a guitar stand to hold it, and plan on making a PVC case for it soon. (there will be an instructable)

Picture of My Didgeridoo
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kaytiger7 years ago
This isn't an instructable.
Weissensteinburg (author)  kaytiger7 years ago
You're right, it's a forum topic.

Instructables are found here:

While forum topics are found here:
Bran9 years ago
Looks like a beauty! I want a sound clip of you playing it.
Sound? We need video!
Video? We need an Instructable!
Weissensteinburg (author)  Bran9 years ago
In time...I've only just begun learning myself!
Video has been added.
haha..alright, I'll try and get one up tonight.
Are you making your own beeswax mouth piece?
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