My Dog

This is My doggie. His name is Spicky. What do you think of him. Hes a mix.....we don't know of what though..

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hunter9993 years ago

He looks...adorable!

DIY93934 years ago
He looks like a Chihuahua for sure. Have you ever though about getting a do-it-yourself DNA Kit? They are about $50 on Amazon. They include swabs your dogs mouth and then with free shipping (it's part of the deal), and in a lab somewhere they use your dogs DNA to find what he is mixed with.
This is my dog. She's about 9-10 months old and weighs about 40 pounds. She's a mix between an Australian Shepherd and something else. I think she's prety.
I think she's pretty too.
Chikpea4 years ago
Ohhh... adorable!
Chikpea Chikpea4 years ago
My dog's name is Bootsie. She is 8 months old, but she was only 4 months when this picture was taken. She
she's a Pomeranian.
Awww hes cute!! My dogs name is ginger
your dog looks cool
Mothys8 years ago
i wish i had a dog too
He looks like gentle man
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