My drawings.

Here are my pictures of Dragon Ball Z people.
1. Gohan.
2. Gohan.
4. King Kai.
6. Goten.
7. SSJ4 Vegeta.
8. Majin Vegeta
9. Kid Buu.
11. Vegeta.
12. Cell Junior.
13. Gohan.
14. Vash.
15. Yoshi.
16. Kamikaze Ghost.
17. Kid Goku.
18. Goku and Vegeta.
More coming soon!

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S51147 years ago
 KBF, just to correct you on something. Dbz has a manga and so does its predecessor (Dragon Ball.) I have read the series and watched the tv series. (LOL Best show ever) You should read them sometime, but they have alot of blood and use alot of bad words. Use this website it will start off with dragon ball, just skip to a chapter in the twenties. Wow this is a very chatty comment! P.S I love your drawings I can only draw goku! 
Vynash (author)  S51147 years ago
Lol I never read it, and thanks so much =)
S5114 Vynash7 years ago
 You should draw the kamakaze ghosts that gotenks uses, bexause you drew cell jr. so well.
Vynash (author)  S51147 years ago
Alright, I drew him, but he needs tons of fixing up, and I can't scan the picture right now, here he is =D
S5114 Vynash7 years ago
 nice! Thanks for drawing him.
S5114 S51147 years ago
 I'll try to upload my drawings.
S5114 S51147 years ago

goku's face is sorta streched out

S5114 S51147 years ago
 I just made these pictures today
Vynash (author)  S51147 years ago
Nice!, the colored goku is the best =P
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