My Friend's Computer Is Possesed

Can anyone provide a logical answer to the following, my friend is getting really weirded out. His speakers will make strange static noises, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. You can actually hear voices coming from the speakers, but can barely understand them. Sometimes there seems to be conversations going back and fourth. He tried unplugging the speakers and muting them, but they are still doing it.

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Labot200110 years ago
This happened to my Zune once, when it was plugged into the computer while the PC was shutting down, and I plugged my headphones in and heard voices...

I'm sure it has something to do w/ radio frequency, don't worry about it too much.

But this reminded me of hilarious comic, which I posted :]
og i love that comic whats its name? and i think it could be his nieghbors could have walkie-talkies. listen in on these conversations and ask them about it later
i remeber that. in the next panel, the rat says: this raises numerous philosophical questions pig: like what rat: like why do two animals who dont wear clothes own a sewing machine. oscar: hahahahah. its the ghost of the poser labcoat. you must appease him by burning your imitation labcoat, and buying a real one. hahahaha. lol. those comics are always somewhat funny. just like Dilbert
omg i love dilbert. at my old school, we had to wear ties as part of our uniform, and one day i took a wire coat hanger and bent it into a "U" shape, folded the U in half, and tucked it up my tie so that it was like dilbert's tie :]
JWLester9 years ago
Cell phone signals can sometimes be picked up by the magnets in the speaker. The result is the static and/or the portions of conversations that are heard.
Lithium Rain10 years ago
Oh, or perhaps it could be interference from another appliance, like a fridge, etc...or maybe there's something magnetic near the speakers, like where you can't see it, such as in a drawer of the dest it sits on.
Lithium Rain10 years ago
Just a thought, are you sure that some audio file is not in startup? Or perhaps your friend has itunes? It will sometimes start itself up. If he ever listens to radio on the internet, or made a recording of it, maybe itunes could be playing it? Not very likely, but still...
Goodhart10 years ago
Sounds like he has a wiring setup allowing him to pick up either AM radio, or more likely, CB transmissions. I remember the first digital voice recorder I made, kept giving me voices in the background that weren't mine (battery operated) and I found I could listen to CB radio (albeit not very loud) on it. I rewired it (reducing the length of some of the wires) putting "filters" and clamp on "coils" to take out the offensive noise and I eventually got it "voice free". They look like these:
Goodhart, why do you keep changing your avatar? Can't make up your mind, can you? :] Who's that you got on there now?
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