My Homemade External Laptop Liquid Cooling System

I did not make an instructable, but i thought you folks might want to see my homemade external water cooling system for my inspiron 5150. it works very well and not a single drop of water has leaked. The average CPU temp drops about 8 degrees Fahrenheit when i use it..

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RoS91 year ago

Where can I get these copper and plastic tubes ?

whiteboy68 years ago
h yeah and use a 2 way angle line splitter and use a fish tank air pump 2 move the water or coolant , p.s have a vent at top for the air. :) DONT USE COPPER use aluminum tubing idk what got into these computer companys everyone knows aluminum transfers heat better than copper and dissfuses the heat alot faster copper holds heat longer. thats why the heat sinks on every electronic out there is aluminum or an alloy . CIRCULATE UR hoses through this cut it open it wont hurt it and use water like u r using and i promise u will decrease ur temps by 15 to 20 degrees i did it on my old laptop ill have to make another to show on here
Incorrect Whiteboy6.. Aluminum or aluminum alloys are not more efficient heat transfer than copper.  Copper has about twice the heat conductivity that Aluminum has.   The reasons copper is used less are, it's three times as heavy as Aluminum (always trying to make portables lighter), copper can be four to six times more expensive depending on the market, and copper parts need to be machined, hence more expensive to manufacture parts.  Aluminum just costs less and can be extruded or die pressed into shape, thus easier to manufacture parts.
whiteboy68 years ago
the setup is way to bulky you might as well have a desktop. what you want to do is open her up and they usually have copper tubing running from the cpu and when it heats up and cools down it creates moisture and moves it along the cupper there are fine copper wire inside of it if u cut into that and use the rubbing hose u are using u can take almost of of that maze you got going and have 2 lines running out into a bottle or radiator type container
junits158 years ago
I have always wanted to make something like this for my laptop because it gets way to hot. I have made a few attempts at something that would stick into the fan an the side to draw out heat but they all falied because i didn't have a radiator.
ddjj1238 years ago
looklike a little terror
tech-king9 years ago
it seems effective, but very bulky. ill stick with my existing cooler.
linkey (author)  tech-king9 years ago
yes, it is very bulky. it is not at all designed to be portable. the laptop, however, is not attached to the pad. it can be removed easily.
yeah. it would be cooler if you dyed the water green, or better yet, made it uv reactive and entered it in the led challenge.
linkey (author) 9 years ago
well it looks like the metal tape is slipping a little in a couple places. before i do an instructable, i need some suggestions for a better way to connect the copper tubing to the metal plate. any ideas?
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