My Knex Crossbow History

I first had this up as slideshow, but the forums seem to be a better place for it.

1st picture (Crossbow V1) This is a picture from the first crossbow i made and if you look at the other crossbow you can see that this one is a predecessor of it.
This one however is a bit harder to fire with, since you need to lower your crossbow right after firing, or get smacked in the face by an arrow bouncing back :P
It can get about 80 to 100 feet(if fired well ofcourse) and it could be seen as a light version of
the other crossbow. It can make a hole in a piece of cardboard (from a box)

If instructions are needed, I will post an Instructable.

2nd picture(Crossbow V2) already has instructions posted. Actually won a prize with it too :D
It fires 120-150 feet, also depending on wind like most arrows would do. Goes through straight through cardboard.

3rd picture (Crossbow V3 aka Ballista ) No instructions posted, because there was not enough difference between V2 and V3 and is a bit on the heavy side :P
It has enormous power, but due to having a trigger it didn't fire further then V2.
Explodes small plastic boxes, CD's, obliterates red connector of the arrow if fired straight into a wall.

4th picture (Crossbow V4) never got finished because it was way too heavy and therefore it was nearly impossible to find a good handle for it. Had a good time dismanteling it....
Not much to mention about this one, since it never fired.

5th picture (Crossbow V5 "Reaper") is nearly complete and is fully functioning.
It uses 4 rubberband strings to do the damage. It also has a new trigger system so that it can hold the full power of the 4 rubberband strings.
Its topic is here:
Instructions are here:

6th picture A smaller, more piece efficient crossbow, although not as powerful as the Reaper, it is compact and easier to use.

Picture of My Knex Crossbow History
Picture 004.jpg
Picture 003.jpg
Picture 047.jpg
Crossbow 002 (Medium).jpg
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i is crying the inside =(
for the v1 what does it fire and is there a trigger
Wicky (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak9 years ago
It fires the standard red rod and red connector and no trigger, as I was like 12 when I first built that =p
thanks btw cool guns
abalone49 years ago
dude u are a knex bow GOD but v1 still my favorite small and powerful
Wicky (author) 9 years ago
Sorry but i can't make it again because i have no pieces left... But making V3 is real simple...just make 2 V2 crossbows, add the extra trigger and add it all together...nothing hard really
Wicky (author) 9 years ago
Wouldn' t it be better if i posted the V5? Because that is what currently uses up all my pieces...and it has nearly two times the power of the V3.. Also it is way more sturdier and fires 140-150 feet and with a tailwind it can get nearly 200 feet<-- not joking :o
could you post a few more pics of the v4? i would like to try it (and add a handle)
Wicky (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
Well its already taken apart since i don't have that many pieces.
But...i do have instructions up already for the bow itself....

It shouldn't be that hard to add the extra part that supports the rubberband strings.

I also have a 2nd pic that may help you with that.
Thanks! ill let you know if it works out. i have many pieces, so ill make two, add handles and away we go!
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