My Knex MP5

I saw that people were building MP5's so I decided to try it. Here is my MP5. This is just a prototype so it will be better. It shoots white rods and and holds about 8. 1: Stock in 2: Stock out and firing pin back.

Picture of My Knex MP5
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did something go horribly wrong?
it's pretty cool but i agree with dsman195276.
Erm, it was posted quite a while ago... it gets annoying when people keep reviving random old topics.
sorry i um just got an account here but ive been on this sight for over a year
s0lekill3r9 years ago
Wow, you've advanced really far as a builder since may.
jollex (author)  s0lekill3r9 years ago
Thank you!
No problem =D, just speaking the truth.
flames103919 years ago
very messy but i can see the resemblance
MI6 flames103919 years ago
also agree here
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