My K'nex True Trigger Gun

HBF's first gun...
The barrel credits go to faust
The handle is a mod of tomboyrme's 9mm gun.
The ram is a simple red rod with a yellow connector and a blue rod stuck on.
Sorry about the bad picture, I only got one.

Picture of My K'nex True Trigger Gun
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MI69 years ago
You know what i actually quite like it. For a first one - excellent !!!! Great with powerful rubber bs.
I built a gun like this, it started as a mod for burrito master's bullet bill gun, but nothing i try to use as ammo works. This gun has a similar barrel and trigger, what did you use as ammo?
gunmanx10 years ago
omg! everyone shut up the barrel is on every freakin gun its called a rail barrel and theres 2 different kinds of main barrels a tube barrel like killerk ks pistol and rail barrel like in killer ks magnum, odalumpuses cannon and fausts ast rifel. btw nice gun im ganna build
Danny gunmanx10 years ago
it may be on a lot of guns but faust invented it...
gunmanx Danny10 years ago
lololol can u read man i said its a type of barrel not that its on alot of guns rofl
Danny gunmanx10 years ago
"omg! everyone shut up the barrel is on every freakin gun" my point exactly...
gunmanx Danny10 years ago
well thats not the PoiNT im tryin to say the point is that its one of the types of barrels but ur right i did say that lol and no faust did not invent it >
HBF (author) 10 years ago
no. TBRME uses that barrel every time. It might look like his, but it isnt.
that is faust's barrel as he posted before tomboyrme
read my comment above
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