My Laser Sailboat!

Well, as not very many of you, my family owns a sailboat - a one man racing sailboat called a Laser. I just thought I'd show it to you guys. Its a blast to ride, you can go very fast, all at no cost to the environment! Hope you enjoy it. IaC 1: Rocking it pretty fast. The boom smashing through the water is slowing me down a bit though. 2: I got caught in irons on a bad tack here, the wind was really going too. 3: Dry roll time! When the boat flips, you can hop over the side and stand on the daggarboard to right it. f you do it right, you wont even get wet. 4: Cruising on a broad reach. Good times!

Picture of My Laser Sailboat!
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Bartboy8 years ago
LASERS!!!! Do you take sailing courses? I've done all three white sails, but haven't done bronze yet.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
Nay, I'm too good for sailing courses. :-) Naw, my brother has been to sailing camps and things and he just gives me the odd tip and whatnot, its not complicated to sail, just difficult and intense.
I learned how to dry roll and a bunch of laws that aren't important unless you have a >12M boat
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
I see. It would be interesting to take lessons, I spose.
They can be fun, or a waste of time.
If you want to get into racing, though, bronze and silver are essential. I have my silver VI
Well, my boats are mostly 12' davidsons, which aren't fast at all.
That looks so fun!! We don't even have a lake within 30 miles of us.
In RI I'm like ten Min away from the Ocean.
Jesus. strato967 years ago
I'm like 11 hours away from the ocean. lol
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