My New Knex Arsonal

i just bought this set off ebay for 50 bucks... do you think it was worth it? post pics of yours too

Picture of My New Knex Arsonal
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Easy Button10 years ago
dude i got like the same thing of ebay for like $18 i think u got ripped off
really?is 1000 pieces for 20.00(it also came with a carrying case).?
wow that really cheap I prefere an erector set though
kynaro10 years ago
hey i saw a person selling over 13000 for $99 plus shipping wat do you think of that i might buy it
Danny kynaro10 years ago
13000 isnt that many
kynaro Danny10 years ago
yeah but more than wat was in that pic and do you think that price is good?
yes, on average 10000 pieces is actually a bit more than that.
knexfan91829 years ago
i got 34 lbs for 93-103(usd) i had to work a while for that money lol
Skreetsha9 years ago
i would do it :) but im a beginner
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