My One Year Ibles 'Versary Today

How time flies. It's been a year since I have terrorized this joint with bad puns, sarcastic cartoons, created ibles of giant stuff, stepped on someone's toes, made acquaintances with great people, etc., etc. and I have so much more to do. Winning Getting free stuff along the way is not bad either.

No point to this topic but I encourage you all to use your imagination and make something cool. Be sure to post or share. Thanks to everybody for the fun ride.

Brooklyn, New York chapter, not really, they thought I was too smart tough...

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Happy instructabirthday!! This topic made me realize I've been here for two years already. And 6 days! Crazy!
caitlinsdad (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
Nah, you don't look a day over two years...or crazy.
*mouth drops open* Wowie!! I'm 14 days older than the Barbycutioner!
KentsOkay9 years ago
*dusts off two tour of duty pins, mod star, badge, uniform* Happy Birthday, you have proved yourself to be a worthy member of society, your puns and cartoons seamlessly fit into this community. You came at the time we needed you the most, our usual punner Lemonie had been taken out by MI6, we were all still trying to figure this Goodhart chap out, then you turn up...
I have a mod badge, and I guess a lot of the users recognize me, but i've yet to be featured or have been mentioned -let alone won- a contest. I still have a long ways to go....
Meh, you are like Goodhart- not renowned for ibles, but an asset to the community.
Who did you just call an asset?! *looks up in the dictionary* Oh....thanks!
Correction, Goodhart is now renowed for his ibles.
He is? OH yes, the Humor collab...
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