My PSG-1 (K'nex)

Well, I just finished my PSG-1. Out of nowhere!!!! YEAH! It is full-sized, but the stock is a piece of shi*. I tried my best to copy the Hensoldt 6x42 on the top, but, it's okay. It is converted from Trauts' G36C. It does NOT fire. : ( Pics will be coming soon. EDIT: The gun is now doing what it does best, looking damn fine in my display case. I will be establishing a release date of January 20th. A pic will probably be put up on New Year's day. DOUBLE EDIT: It can be converted into a G3, EASILY. Take off the scope. TRIPLE EDIT: Pics will be up in a couple hours. QUADRUPLE EDIT: I can't get instructions. If you built it, by all means, post it.

Picture of My PSG-1 (K'nex)
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Vynash8 years ago
chickens poultry beef
DrWeird117 (author)  Vynash8 years ago
Burrito_Master's brother or not, that's spam.
Yes he is my brother. No I was just saying what he said in the box.
DrWeird117 (author)  Vynash8 years ago
yeah it's ok
barrax8 years ago
why did you make it non firing?
DrWeird117 (author)  barrax8 years ago
It can be easily modded. Why, you ask? Because it's an epic fail.
because if they don't fire, the only thing you can do with them is put them on display, or go around like a 6 year old making guns noises.
DrWeird117 (author)  barrax8 years ago
I never fire a gun unless it's fun to, like wafflicious' corner cutter, or the TDS. Mostly always on display.
:( all those pieces are wasting away in those display boxes. :(
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