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I can't seem to add my picture to my profile. I have it in my library but it won't let me do anything with it. Help!

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envfocus8 years ago
Still a problem. I can upload my image, but when I try to "add" it as my avatar nothing happens. Please help.
Same here, I can't update my image.
I have uploaded three images to my library, but it wont show them when i want t select one for my icon:(
. Same problem here. I went ahead and clicked the update button and now I'm back to the default icon. heehee . Someone on staff will probably notice your msg and fix it before long. It's a long holiday, so it may not be tomorrow.
its a lion10 years ago
it didnt want to work for me, so i removed the old picture, hit update a few times, and eventually it worked. i wish i could remember exactly what i did so that i could tell you.
So I take it this still doesn't work? RatZ! I want to use my picture of me and Onyx The Thunder Cat!
mamamardee10 years ago
thannk you for the help now it still doesn't work what to do
Perfect Duck10 years ago
I tried to alter my image, and now I have no image at all. Heh. It just fails to let me select anything from my library, as if the picture library isn't even there. Is this any at all related to how I can't ever put pictures in forum posts anymore?
Long time lurker, new member I have the same problem, was afraid I was just being an idiot- Hope they sort it out!
ll.1310 years ago
Yes..... the bug is very interesting, it is left handed, has 3 legs, 5 antenna, and smokes dollar bill cigarettes.

it's the same with me too, ewilhelm is aware of it too. ;)
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