My Portraits

Hey guys,
I'm 12 years old and love drawing portraits
here are a couple of them.
Tell me what you think

Picture of My Portraits
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nancyjohns3 years ago

very nice, i'm 11 soon 12 and i like to draw too. :)

daisywang3 years ago

keep going. maybe someday you will be a famous artist

bapt (author) 3 years ago

thank you all so much for the compliments and critiques!

Noobled3 years ago

Sick dude! That is radical!

hunter9993 years ago

Wow! They look awesome

JM19993 years ago

Better than what I can do!

Ratiominis3 years ago

wow great job!

murphybedhq4 years ago
NICE! 12 years old??? you're a natural talent :)
Goodhart5 years ago
I think they are pretty good. You may need to cut back on the "emphasis" on the mouth though for that to look more natural.