My Silver Coins!!! What's it worth?!?

I am not too sure about what references to trust, so I want to check with you what all my silver is worth.


Total: 31


Total: 18

One is a 40% bicentennial proof. Another is a (I don't know why but,) silver bicentennial.


Total: 6

One is a 40% bicentennial proof


Total: 5

Lots, huh? And by the way, one of the dollars is on it's way from eBay, and another is a 1971 proof. Another is a 40% bicentennial proof

Please let me know if you can find the value, THANKS!

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Gjdj38 years ago
I've got the 2008 Red coin book, so if you posted the years and mint, I could tell you the value.
Brennn108 years ago
Do you know the specific types of coins you have? With dimes you could have a Winged Liberty, Barber, Roosevelt. Up until 1964, the Roosevelt dimes were 0.900% silver! Your bicentennial is a 1976-S silver clad, worth about $8.00. Not bad for it being $0.25 face value. Your dollars are most likely Ike Dollars, and there is a 1971-S silver clad proof that is worth $9.00. Could you give some more specifics on the types of coins you have? That way I can narrow them down and give you more values.
Flumpkins (author)  Brennn108 years ago
Did you know that the last year for silver Kennedy halves is 1970?!? What is an ike? $8.00??? Are you serious? I got it for three bucks. I think I got the regular Eisenhower proof for prob about 6 - 7 bucks. For dimes 16 roosevelt (one proof), 6 mercury, and 1 barber. (I counted wrong before) For quarters, all Washington (1 proof, it is 40% silver, in a set.) except 1 walking someone thingy bobby. For halves, 4 walking liberties, one franklin, and 2 kennedies. The first kennedy is a 1964, but the other is a 40% silver I got in a set. Dollars: 2 morgans, 1 peace dollar (Shipping from Oregon, but might be theft, it's been almost a week, and still no news about shipping.), and 2 eisenhowers. One is like you said, and the other is in the same set as the quarter and kennedy, it is 40% silver that came in a set. Help much? Any questions don't hesitate.
An Ike dollar is the same as an Eisenhower. Dwight D. Eisenhower's nickname was Ike. With the mercury dimes, on average the common dates are worth anywhere from $3-8. However, when anyone places a value on a coin they first look at the date, and then the most important part is the grade. The condition a coin is in is what makes the prices either rise or fall.
Flumpkins (author)  Brennn108 years ago
Ok. Have you heard of the 1916-D Mercury Dime? And at my closer coin store (there are 2 in my area) he sells coins out of these slide out plastic drawers, and he sells the silver coins by the amount of silver in it. Like he sells mercury dimes, roosevelt dimes, and other dimes for a dollar fifty.
Yep, the 1916-D Mercury Dime is one of the rarest, and also one of the most counterfeited. It is on my list, but certainly not on my budget. Currently I am avidly collecting the Large Cent Liberty Head type collection from 1816-1857. This includes Matron Head and Braided Hair.

My favorite coin dealer is two hours away from me, so whenever I go skiing I stop by him. I recommend picking up the Official Coin Red Book which gives you the price of every coin based on the condition (grade). There is a new RedBook every year, but I try to pick one up every two years. There is not a ton of fluctuation in the coin prices, but since the metals markets are always up and down, it is good to have a reference guide. I also recommend subscribing to the Greysheet, which is a monthly newsletter that gives you up to date coin prices. It is a small fee I think, but definitely worth it for the collector.
Flumpkins (author)  Brennn108 years ago
About the red book, 2009 is in my local coin store, but, it's 2009 so I'm waiting for 2010
zieak8 years ago
There are three values to coins that i can think of. W pointed out the obvious face value. Collectors would need to know the year and condition of the coins. And then there is the value of the metal if you were to melt it down or sell it as precious scrap.

For current melt prices go to and it will show you the value of your silver (and copper and nickel) coins.
Flumpkins (author)  zieak8 years ago
A coin shop owner told me to take the face value and multiply it by seven, so do you think that this technique would be accurate for the current silver prices?
So you mean how much is the melted silver worth? The year does matter, because the formula has changed over the years. And i'm almost positive that the raw metal is worth less than face value. Pennies are worth slightly more in copper than $0.01 at times, which is one reason that a lot of people want steel pennies to be brought back. I don't think that common change produced these days has any silver.
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